Unlocking regenerative healing for everybody

A range of products based on AROA ECM™ platform technology that aims to improve the rate and quality of soft tissue repair.

Our Products


Endoform™ restorative bioscaffolds can be used in the management of acute and chronic wounds

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Myriad Matrix™

Myriad Matrix™ is a surgical soft tissue bioscaffold for complex wounds and reconstruction

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Myriad Morcells™

Myriad Morcells™ utilizes the AROA ECM™ platform technology which contains more than 150 naturally occurring ECM proteins known to be important in healing.

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Symphony is combination cellular and tissue product (CTP*), comprising of AROA ECM with hyaluronic acid

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Reinforced Bioscaffolds

Designed specifically for hernia repair and abdominal wall reconstruction

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