Reimbursement Information

Aroa Biosurgery is committed to offering a suite of advanced extracellular matrix (ECM) products that not only spans the different sites of care, but also offers the AROA Continuum of Care allowing you to select the product based on your patient’s healing objectives and application setting.

Our AROA Continuum of Care range can be used in the following care settings:

Surgical/Inpatient Physician Office Hospital Outpatient Department Ambulatory Surgical Centre Others
Myriad Matrix™ Symphony™ Symphony™ Symphony™ Endoform Antimicrobial™
Endoform Antimicrobial™ Endoform Antimicrobial™ Endoform Antimicrobial™ Endoform Antimicrobial™ Endoform Natural™
Myriad Morcells Fine™ Endoform Natural™ Endoform Natural™ Endoform Natural™
Endoform Natural™

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This page is dedicated to reimbursement information and support for our products. Should you wish to speak to one of our specialist reimbursement support team, please contact us on:

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Should you require additional or more comprehensive information, please find it available on the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services website.

Disclaimer: Information provided is offered as general information only and should not be construed as providing clinical advice, dictating policy or substituting for the judgment of a healthcare provider. While Aroa Biosurgery takes reasonable effort to provide accurate information, it shall not be liable for accuracy completeness of any information provided. Aroa Biosurgery does not assume any responsibility for coding decision, nor does it recommend codes for specific patient procedures. Aroa Biosurgery does not guarantee coverage by payors. Providers are always responsible for: (1) consulting with their payors, coding specialist, and/or legal counsel regarding any coverage, coding or payment issues; (2) checking current reimbursement laws, regulations and payor policies; and (3) determining and submitting appropriate codes, changes and modifiers for goods and services it provides.