Catherine Mohr

Catherine is a Non-executive Director of Aroa Biosurgery. She is a New Zealand citizen and resident of the United States and has been a director of Aroa Biosurgery since November 2022.

Catherine’s diverse background spans several areas, including surgery, medical technology, engineering, product development and design, intellectual property, U.S Food & Drug Administration compliance and education, global entrepreneurship, automotive and aerospace.

Currently, Catherine is the President of the Intuitive Foundation, the corporate Foundation of Silicon Valley based Intuitive Surgical, pioneers in the field of robotic-assisted surgery and maker of the da Vinci surgical robot system.

Prior to leading the Foundation, Catherine held several senior roles at Intuitive Surgical, including Vice President of Strategy and Director of Medical Research.

Catherine is on the board of directors for FINCA International and has been involved with several successful emerging companies in medical technology and other areas, notably co-founding VeriSure, where she invented the LapCap™, the first of a new category of laparoscopic surgery enabling products.

Catherine holds a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and a Doctor of Medicine from the Stanford University School of Medicine.